Watch: FIDLAR Share “Punks” With Help From The Flaming Lips

FIDLAR uses Flaming Lips' Oklahoma City art space 'The Womb'

L.A. based punk troupe FIDLAR have always been pretty upfront about their life motto, naming their band after the abbreviation “Fuck It Dog, Life’s a Risk”.

That mantra extends to the group’s artistic values: take risks, be weird and simply put, accept the fucked up things about you that make you unique. It’s that kind of presence that landed FIDLAR the oppurtunity to shoot their latest music video in The Flaming Lips’ art space called ‘The Womb’.

Following in the Lip’s psychedelic and sci-fi inspired footsteps, FIDLAR’s new video follows a young man’s journey into an dystopian Clockwork Orange-like cult, full of futuristic “Punks”. He learns the hard way that his invitation is for malicious reasons.

On the new video, bassist Brandon Schwartzel had this to say in a press release:

“Getting to make a video at The Womb using all of The Flaming Lips’ resources was a dream come true. We had their entire warehouse at our disposal and there were always a bunch of ‘freaks’ hanging around offering to help us make cool stuff. There doesn’t seem to be that much to do in Oklahoma City, so if you’re a weird art kid, you’re probably going to end up hanging out with The Flaming Lips. Something I really like about both of our bands is the preference for friends over professionals. Getting your friends together, giving them a job to do, and then watching them excel at it is super cool.”

Watch the video in the player above.