Watch: Flora Cash reveals symbolic new video for ‘They Own This Town’

A metaphor-packed video from the Swedish-American duo

Swedish-American duo Flora Cash have just dropped a new video for their latest single, “They Own This Town.”

The clip, which is shot in two Swedish castles, shows the pair paying a price to live an extravagant life. The Christofer Nilsson-directed visual is packed with symbols that explore power dynamics, such as a masked gunman standing over swimming koi fish, a destroyed game of chess, and someone playing pool with an apple.

Watch the video for “They Own This Town” below.

“This is the most symbolic and artful video we’ve worked on to date,” Flora Cash explains to Billboard. “We wanted to deliver a message to people that we felt was powerful but leave the final interpretation up to each viewer; it was a challenge to wrap so many layers of meaning into the video while also making sure it wasn’t confusing or cluttered.”