Watch: Florence + The Machine Pay Tribute to Foo Fighters

Florence is very thankful of the Foo Fighters

Florence + The Machine never cease to put on a great performance, and this weekend at Glastonbury was no exception. Taking over Foo Fighters spot because of Dave Grohl’s leg injury, Florence Welch and co. were eager to show their appreciation for rock giants, by covering “Times Like These”.

It’s pretty clear that Florence has a huge love Grohl and crew, expressing her admiration pretty candidly to the massive audience: “We would like to dedicate this song to the legend and all-around incredible human being Dave Grohl” she said, “He was so incredibly kind and supportive to us when we were first starting out and we were so sad to hear that he broke his leg because we love him so much. And Dave, if you are listening, we love you, we all love you, and we hope through the Glastonbury ley lines this gets to you and you feel better, we’re sending you so much love. This song’s for you, Dave.”

Check out the video below, courtesy of the Irish Mirror: