Watch: Foals deliver live performances of three tracks for their ‘CCTV Sessions’

They performed tracks from 'Everything Not Saved Will Be Lost'

Foals have shared a live performance video as part of their CCTV Sessions.

The indie band has been recording intimate, stripped-back renditions of their tracks as part of the series since the release of 2013’s Holy Fire. Now, Foals have shared some performances of tracks from their recent albums Everything Not Saved Will Be Lost: Part One and Part Two. Foals performed “Dreaming Of,” “Neptune,” and “Exits.”

Frontman Yannis Philippakis has explained to NME that they adore the sessions because they show a different side of the band. “It’s just about hearing the songs unadorned by production and seeing the band in a weird, parallel universe,” Philippakis explains.

Watch Foals’ latest CCTV Sessions below.

“It’s cool how dusty and primitive-sounding some of them are when we flip the aesthetic of the songs on their head,” Philippakis continues. “Often they’re a more tender, laid-back, stoner-y version of the track. People have just connected with them.”