Watch Foo Fighters Duet With An 8 Year Old Fan

Frankie knew all the lyrics to "Times Like These," impressing Dave Grohl

Foo Fighters’ Dave Grohl made a little boy’s childhood complete last week when he invited 8 year old Frankie onto the stage to sing “Times Like These” at their Manchester show. He watched the young fan singing lyrics, and called him out on it. “I just saw this little kid singing our lyrics over there,” he told the crowd. He then addressed Frankie directly. “How old are you? You’re 8 years old and you know Foo Fighters lyrics? I like you. This song goes out to you.”

During the song, he then invited Frankie onstage. “What’s that? You want him to come onstage? You better bring your dad with you too. Oh yeah, bring your mama. I’m not taking care of you, that’s for goddamn sure,” he said.

Check it out below: