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Watch Footage of a TTC Worker Talk a Man Off of the Subway Tracks

Video surfaced earlier this week of a TTC worker having a conversation with a man who had lowered himself onto the TTC tracks in an incident last month. In a sea of commuters, the employee, John Paul Attard, saw the man walk towards the tracks and lower himself down. Attard immediately ordered staff to cut the power to Dundas station and called transit control.

He also took it upon himself to talk to the man, and what followed was a touching exchange between the two individuals as commuters looked on.

“I said to him, ‘Are you having a bad day?'” Attard told the CBC. “He says, ‘Yes, I want to hurt myself.’ That’s when I just kind of embraced him and hugged him.”

According to Attard, the man was only 23 years old. After talking to him and exchanging a few hugs, he managed to talk the man out of the tracks. The footage of the conversation lasts about 20 minutes. Watch it below.

We are all strong, you just have to believe! Life if beautiful…. ?

Posted by Marta Bento on Monday, June 12, 2017

Feature photo courtesy Rose Trinh via Flickr.

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