Watch: Get a sneak peek into the mind of Billie Eilish in YouTube’s ‘Spotlight Artist Series’

Learn about Eilish's creative process

Billie Eilish is known for her horror indie pop music. Eilish is also a very creative person, and she demonstrates that through her music videos. In the YouTube Series, Artist Spotlight Stories, fans get a glimpse into the mindset of Eilish.

In this short snippet of the interview, the young star explains her creative process and conceptualization of ideas, explaining how important it is that the song and music video go together. Eilish continues on to to highlight that she communicates visually, and implements those visuals into her music videos. Ultimately, the “bad guy” singer thinks about the feeling, the look, the visuals, and how people are going to perceive it. For the “bury a friend” video, she drew the hallway into her notebook, which is a creative outlet for her to write and draw all her ideas.

Check out Eilish’s interview for YouTube’s Spotlight Artist Series below.