Watch: Goodbye Honolulu shares rowdy new video for ‘U Got It’

A rebellious video for the slacker rock track

Goodbye Honolulu has just dropped a new video for their rambunctious slacker rock track, “U Got It.”

“‘U Got It’ started as a rough demo I recorded late at night while listening to songs by Le Tigre, Blood Orange, and random U.K. punk,” band member Jacob Switzer explains in a statement. “I was trying to capture the feeling of inner city nightlife. The slick downtown vibes you get walking around a metallic metropolis, surrounded by people trying to show off, and being around folks with that ‘rock star’ energy. It can bring out the best and worst in people, fuelled by drugs and alcohol, or just the energy of the bustling city.”

The accompanying clip sees the rebellious band dressed in all black with brightly lit skull masks as they sing along to the rowdy tune in front of neon lights, dropping smoke bombs and shredding some electric guitars. The rapidly paced video is stacked with clips of the band being their defiant, unruly selves.

Watch the video for “U Got It” below.