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Watch: Gorillaz release music video for new track ‘Momentary Bliss,’ debut series ‘Song Machine’

Gorillaz have dropped a lively track called “Momentary Bliss,” the first song from their new music and video series Song Machine.

The song, which features British MC slowthai and punk duo Slaves, is a synth pop-infused track that’s gentle at times, yet rowdy at others, yet again showcasing the talent Gorillaz have in balancing various sounds. The accompanying music video is a clip of the artists and the animated members of the Gorillaz working passionately on the song, with dynamic animations embellishing the video.

Lyrics like “It makes me sick to think you ain’t happy in your skin/It’s weird thing to think light bulb don’t blink/Just flickers to them, then it pops and withers/You’re a turkey twizzler, you deserve school dinners,” are delivered raucously by slowthai, offering a fleeting punk energy to the track.

Check out the video for “Momentary Bliss” below.

The series doesn’t have a set release schedule, but Gorillaz have promised “spontaneous delivery of episodes throughout the year,” according to a press release.

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