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Watch: GRAE shares video for new track ‘Permanent Maniac’

GRAE has shared her new EP, Permanent Maniac, and as part of the release, she’s shared a video for the collection’s title track.

“‘Permanent Maniac’ is a love letter to Robert Smith from The Cure,” GRAE explains. “I’ve had a real obsession with him since I was a teenager and even went through a phase where I did my makeup like him and dressed like him. The Cure’s music hits me in a way like nothing else has, and I’m so inspired by Robert, his sound, his writing. This song is about how I love him, and he’ll never know.”

Watch the video for “Permanent Maniac” and stream the EP of the same name below.


“‘Permanent Maniac’ is a coming-of-age music video that shows the all-consuming result of having a crush,” co-directors Iris Kim and Priya Howlader explain of the video. “GRAE paces around her cozy room, restless, to somehow get the feelings out into words but struggles in the songwriting process. It’s a slow build-up until she finally succeeds during her epic guitar solo where we see her rocking out, unapologetically.”

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