Watch: Greys drop video for new single ‘Kill Appeal’

'Age Hasn't Spoiled You' is set for release on May 10

With the release of their third album Age Hasn’t Spoiled You fast approaching, Greys have dropped a video for “Kill Appeal,” their final single from the album.

The gloomy track opens up with a pounding electronic drumbeat, slowly building into an eerily smooth, fuzzy tune packed with sparse, spacey guitar lines and gritty, processed vocals. The accompanying video follows a variety of people dancing in a club, drinking martinis, and creepily smiling at the camera.

Watch the video for “Kill Appeal” below.

“The lyrics of ‘Kill Appeal’ deal with various aspects of living in a major metropolitan city, from old neighbourhoods being rapidly mutilated to suit the needs of wealthy newcomers to the increasingly imposing police presence,” the band explains in a statement. “The video seeks to convey still more elements of city living in this era of content rot, constant surveillance and civil unrest by creating snapshots of several different facets of life through the lens of a half-baked millennial flipping channels or scrolling through their Instagram feed. Spoiled for choice, and none of the options are the right one.”

Age Hasn’t Spoiled You is set for release on May 10th, 2019.