Watch: Greys release video for new single ‘Arc Light’ off forthcoming album ‘Age Hasn’t Spoiled You’

'Age Hasn't Spoiled You' drops on May 10

Following the release of “These Things Happen,” gritty rock band Greys have just dropped a video for their new single “Arc Light” off of their forthcoming album Age Hasn’t Spoiled You.

The heavy track is perfectly distorted, with a balance of guitar feedback, raucous drum lines, and fuzzy layered vocals. “If there were one song to communicate everything Greys is about, it would be ‘Arc Light,'” frontman Shehzaad Jiwani explains in a statement. “This is the first song we recorded for Age Hasn’t Spoiled You at the top of 2018, and each song we wrote over the year we spent making the album could trace a piece of itself back to this one.”

“Arc Light” comes accompanied by a Rachelle Walker-directed video full of re-coloured vintage clips of wrestling, boxing, exercising, and explosions. Watch the video for “Arclight” and check out the tracklist for Age Hasn’t Spoiled You below.

Age Hasn’t Spoiled You Tracklist:

01 – “A-440”
02 – “Arc Light”
03 – “Constant Pose”
04 – “These Things Happen”
05 – “Kill Appeal”
06 – “Western Guilt”
07 – “Tangerine”
08 – “Aphantasia”
09 – “Burning Chrome”
10 – “Shelley Duval In 3 Women”
11 – “Static Beach”
Age Hasn’t Spoiled You is set for release on May 10th.