Watch: Grimes explains the meaning behind ‘My Name Is Dark’ lyrics

'Miss Anthropocene' arrives on February 21

While gearing up for the release of Miss Anthropocene, Grimes sat down with Genius to discuss the lyrics behind the album’s single “My Name Is Dark.”

Grimes opens by revealing that the track was originally called “That’s What The Drugs Are For,” but someone told her she wouldn’t be able to keep the title. After creating the demo in just 12 minutes, Grimes went on to spend about 100 hours producing and mixing the track, in order to make it sound “like a roaring best.”

Grimes even addresses the lyrical subject matter, talking about the meaning behind the song’s attitude. “When you don’t care if you live or die, when you’re so depressed that you’re like, ‘Whatever, fuck it,'” Grimes reveals.


Miss Anthropocene is set for release on February 21st via 4AD.

Lead photo courtesy of Eli Russell Linnetz.