Watch: Grimes Goes Patriotic in “California” Music Video

It's about to get colourful

Grimes has shared a bright and colourful new video for her Art Angel’s track ‘California”.

Donning her usual multitude of costumers, the alt-pop singer dances through the video as an artist, a mermaid and more. The Canadian, Claire Boucher, even reps the red, white and blue like a southern patriot.

Aside from producing and engineering all her own records, Boucher also directs all of her own music videos. On BBC Radio 1 last month, Boucher revealed that she started enlisting the help of her brother Mac Boucher to co-direct her videos so she has time to do her own makeup and costumes. It supports the long standing question, is there anything Grimes can’t do? Probably not.

Watch “California” in the player above.