Watch: Grimes releases lyric video for ‘My Name is Dark,’ chats with Lana Del Rey

'Miss Anthropocene' will be out on February 21, 2020.

Just last week, Grimes released her track “My Name is Dark” and to follow that release, Grimes has shared a lyric video for the song.

“I noticed the lyrics on Genius are insane so I made this over the weekend,” Grimes explains of the clip. The lyric video is very striking and is sort of like a video game and it has elements of space, anime, and AI. The video is interspersed with clips of anime and Grimes wearing various costumes as she performs inside of sci-fi styled frames. Throughout the video, you can see Grimes singing, making for a haunting and magical clip.

Watch Grimes’ lyric video for ‘My Name is Dark’, below

Grimes recently had a conversation with fellow musician Lana Del Rey and actress Brit Marling for Interview magazine.

Del Rey asks Grimes about her album Miss Anthropocene, and the pair discuss topics like songwriting, mysticism, where Grimes is at in life, outrage culture, morals, and more. When Marling begins her chat with Grimes, the pair debate over artificial intelligence surpassing human’s creative abilities, a view that is championed by Grimes. Other topics include representation, symbolism, archetypes and more.

Check out the full interview of Grimes with Lana Del Ray and Brit Marling here

Grimes’ album Miss Anthropocene will be out on February 21, 2020.