Watch: Grizzly Bear Play First Show In Two Years At Bernie Sanders Rally

A sign of good things to come

This weekend, Grizzly Bear performed at a giant Bernie Sanders rally at Prospect Park in Brooklyn; their first live performance in two years.

Their set included tracks off of Veckatimest, featuring “Two Weeks” and “While You Wait For Others”. The band even performed Yellow House‘s “Knife”, but changed the lyrics from “can’t you feel the knife” to “can’t you feel the Bern” in support of Sanders.

This comes just a few days after the band announced they’d be beginning to record a new album next month. You can check out a snippet of Grizzly Bear’s performance below:

Grizzly Bear Feel the Bern

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Feel free to check out members of Grizzly Bear performing “Terrapin Station” on The National’s Grateful Dead tribute album.