Watch Grizzly Bear’s Last Concert Ever (maybe…)

Watch Grizzly Bear rock a sold out concert in Australia.

After a huge circuit of 115 shows, Grizzly Bear wrapped up their Shields world tour at the Sydney Opera House in Australia on January 5th. The entire show was live streamed and you can now watch the 2 hour-long set on YouTube. It might be the last chance to see the band perform live.

Grizzly Bear founder Ed Droste said in an interview with The Guardian:
“This is definitely the last touring we’ll do for this album before we enter into the question mark of the future…I have no clue what the future hold,” Droste said in regards to a new album. “I just know we all want to do it. There’s a desire there, it’s just a matter of figuring out the time frame and how long people need. It’s impossible to say. But I know that after Australia, I’m gonna want to jump back into it, for sure.”