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Watch: Hannah Georgas releases video for new track ‘That Emotion’

Following her successful 2019 EP Imprints, Hannah Georgas is back with a brand new track “That Emotions,” accompanied by a music video.

Georgas explores the feeling of going inwards and avoiding dealing with difficult emotions. Georgas gently sings the opening verse, “Play it till I kill, just to get it in my head/I want to know the secret, where you been hiding?/Yeah, ’cause I’m trying,” while subtle guitar and upbeat drums carry the track.

“When I was writing and demoing this song I remembered having a conversation with a friend about music and them explaining that when they discover a new song they love they play it so much that they kinda kill the song,” Georgas explains of the opening verse. “I thought that was an interesting phrase and it inspired me to write the first verse. I wanted to relate it to the feeling of repeating something over and over, getting tired of the process and feeling like it’s not working out the way you want it to.”

Check out the video for “That Emotion” below.

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