Watch: Haviah Mighty shares powerful new animated video for ‘Thirteen’

The video speaks to 'the painful journey of Black people in North America'

2019 Polaris Prize winner Haviah Mighty has shared a new video for “Thirteen.”

The 13th Floor track references the Thirteenth Amendment abolishing slavery, and the new video, which was illustrated by Theo Kapodistrias, exposes the roots of systemic racism.

“‘Thirteen’ speaks factually and candidly, to the painful journey of Black people in North America,” Haviah Mighty explains. “And it speaks to how that journey has morphed into continued racial prejudice, using the media and using the law. To get rid of white supremacy is to identify it at its root. I hope when people watch Thirteen, they feel moved to do their part in reversing white supremacy. I hope we can begin to see one another as equal – a dream I’ve always hoped could one day be a reality. And I hope people realize that it’s going to take WORK! Who is willing to work, to make change?”

Watch the video for “Thirteen” below.