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Watch: Henry Cavill Asks Kids Who Would Win in a ‘Batman v. Superman’ Fight

Henry Cavill set out to settle the notorious battle between Batman and Superman – and who better to ask then a group of kids?

The odds of Superman winning this battle were not in his favour. Although the kids arguments don’t really add up, they’re pretty adorable, so it doesn’t really matter.

Cavill first played the role of Superman in 2014’s Man of Steel, and stars as the superhero in the upcoming Batman vs. Superman: Dawn of Justice.

Cavill produced this video to raise awareness about Omaze’s charity contest. By entering the contest (for only $10), you can win a red carpet premiere screening of the movie where you’ll meet Cavill, Ben Affleck and Jesse Eisenberg. The charity equally benefits the Eastern Congo Initiative, the Durrell Wildlife Conservation Trust and SEED Project.

Watch the video in the player above.

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