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Watch: Hero Dog Rescues Young Deer Floating in Water

An English golden retriever assumed the role of lifeguard after it spotted a fawn floating in waters off a Long Island beach. The dog, named Storm, swam out to the young deer and dragged it back to the shore and began nudging it in effort to bring it back to consciousness.

Storm’s owner, Mark Freeley, caught it all on camera. Have a look below.

The fawn was startled upon waking up and immediately made its way back to the water. Freeley, Frank Floridia his partner Erica Kutzing of Strong Island Animal Rescue worked to bring the deer back to safety once again.

The fawn was covered in ticks and suffered an eye injury during the ordeal, but it is currently resting and recovering in a local animal rescue.

Image via Flickr/grahamjamesphillips

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