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Watch: Hollerado drop lyric video for new track ‘Straight To Hell’

Hollerado has returned with a lyric video for their new track “Straight To Hell” off of their forthcoming and final album, Retaliation Vacation.

“Straight To Hell” is an intimate, acoustic guitar driven track that follows vulnerable themes of fleeting moments, mistakes, and religion, featuring lyrics like, “Do you feel a judgment for loving who you love/ Or what you’re choosing for your body/ Or what you think is up above?” The accompanying video is delivered as a hand crafted pop-up book, with lyrics leaping from the video’s pages.

“After listening to the lyrics to ‘Straight To Hell’ I began to think about growing up with religion and how when you’re a kid, you can be taught these lessons and beliefs that don’t always hold up as an adult,” director Marty MacPherson explains in a statement. “Keeping with that train of thought I ended up on the idea of the pop-up book – which is generally a form of book you don’t come across much outside of childhood and I felt it was a good fit.”

Watch the video for “Straight To Hell” below.

Retaliation Vacation drops on June 7th, and you can catch Hollerado at the Danforth on December 12th and 13th.

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