Watch: Hollerado’s Menno Versteeg shares video for new track ‘Detonator’ as Mav Karlo

'Strangers Like Us' is set for release on October 16

While gearing up for the release of Strangers Like Us, which is set for release on October 16th, Hollerado’s Menno Versteeg has shared a video for his new track under his solo project Mav Karlo, “Detonator.”

“‘Detonator’ is about that moment when you stop saying to yourself ‘I’m such a fuck up’ and start asking ‘why am I such a fuck up?'” Versteeg explains. “It’s a long and a hard process, but an important one, and that’s reflected in the wordier than usual verses. I wanted the detail in the lyrics to act like dots in a pointillist painting, disparate images that when taken together convert a singular emotion.”

Watch the video for “Detonator” below.