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Watch: Holy Fuck unveil video for new single ‘Free Gloss (feat. Nicholas Allbrook)’

While gearing up for the release of Deleter, which is set for release on January 17th, 2020, Holy Fuck have unveiled a video for their new single “Free Gloss,” which features Pond frontman Nicholas Allbrook.

“Our music can be dark and pummeling at times, unrelenting even,” Holy Fuck explains in a statement. “‘Free Gloss’ was designed as a way for us to shed some light, and bring some bliss and buoyancy to the table whilst still maintaining that ecstatic energy and intensity that we love. We started tinkering with the main riff and structure on this one as an idea to take the listener on a euphoric sonic journey and explore the push/pull, tension and release you can take people with on the dance floor.”

The track is a callback to the 90s, reminding the band of Much Music. The synthy new track revolves around a danceable beat and gritty, processed, almost ambient vocal lines. The accompanying video is perfectly drippy, with members of the band floating through peculiar, off-putting simulations.

Watch the video for “Free Gloss (feat. Nicholas Allbrook)” below.

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