Watch: Hot Chip releases music video for ‘Positive’

The video features flying iridescent dolphins

Hot Chip is back with an eclectic and quirky video for the song “Positive” off their 2019 album A Bath Full of Ecstasy. They’ve also announced their tour, hitting cities in the U.K., Australia, India, Spain, and the U.S.

The video begins like an indie movie, with young adults making out in cars, riding shopping carts and running around in an arcade. As a stark contrast, the video jumps between clips of priest spraying holy water on various people and things—including weapons, cars and dolphins. By the end, the dolphins gain powers and fly through the sky in various colours.

“This film is about love and the lack of it; about the tension between the natural flow of energy versus our social constructs. The free soul is rare,” said German director Sebastian Strasser about the inspiration for this trippy music video.

Check out the video for “Positive” below.

Hot Chip doesn’t have a concert in Toronto yet, but with the group hitting cities worldwide, Canada is definitely on their radar.