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Watch: Hubert Lenoir plays a skunk trying to woo a popular boy in video for new track ‘Secret (feat. Mac DeMarco, Kirin J Callinan)’

Polaris-nominated Quebecois musician Hubert Lenoir has announced his new album, Musique directe, which is set for release later this year via Worse/Terrible Records and Simone Records. As part of the announcement, he’s shared a video for his new track, “Secret,” which features drums from Mac DeMarco and contributions from Kirin J Callinan.

“Secret” is a dreamy new track that revolves around a perfectly woozy instrumental, as Lenoir’s smooth, retro vocals take the lead. The accompanying video sees Lenoir trying to woo a popular boy in his high school by dancing to music in his backyard with a boombox, all while dressed as a skunk.

“This is a song about the feeling of unshared love and being rejected when you know that it’s only because you’re different,” Lenoir explains. “It talks about social rejection and keeping those feelings for yourself because ‘what’s the point’ and anyway you don’t stand a chance. Not necessarily feeling bitterness or blaming the others but still finding the situation extremely sad and sending condolences to everyone that is like me, everyone that could live with the same ostracization in silence. A way of saying: I’m sorry, it won’t be easy.”

Watch the video for “Secret” below.

Lenoir made a name for himself after the release of his 2018 album, Darlène, which resulted in blowback, particularly in Quebec where “he’s become quite a controversial figure,” according to a press release. The forthcoming follow-up sees Lenoir looking at the strangeness of his life over the last few years, his sudden notoriety, and his ostracized adolescence in the suburbs of Quebec City.

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