Watch: Ice Cream releases video for new track ‘Dove’s Cry’

'FED UP' is set for release on November 15

Toronto’s Ice Cream have released a video for their new track “Dove’s Cry.”

“‘Dove’s Cry’ is a shopping fantasy, in which a liquid soap can produce self-love,” Ice Cream’s Carlyn Bezic explains. “You can’t find self-love through self-loathing.”

“Dove’s Cry” is a silky, retro track revolving around a dreamy synth line and smooth vocals. The quirky, accompanying clip sees videos layered on top of each other, as Ice Cream go on a peculiar, unnerving shopping adventure, perform the track, and sit in post-bath gear in front of floating bubbles.

Watch the video for “Dove’s Cry” below.

FED UP is set for release on November 15th.