Watch: IDLES gives intense performance in new NPR Tiny Desk Concert

IDLES is full of rage and fury

English punk band IDLES from Bristol achieved their dream of performing a Tiny Desk concert with NPR music.

IDLES was invited to play at NPR, where they gave an intense, energetic performance. For a concert of such a small scale, IDLES brought a raw fury and cathartic rage, making it one of the loudest performances at Tiny Desk ever. As IDLES performs, you can see the intensity through lead singer Joe Talbot’s red face, the hyperactive movements of his bandmates, and with the thrashing of the guitar and pounding of the drums. Some objects even get knocked over at one point by guitarist Lee Kiernan as he played, while guitarist Mark Bowen hops from desk to amp. The performance ends with Talbot saying, “We are not the Jonas Brothers.” This performance sure is a wild ride; it will get your heart pumping and your head banging.

The set list includes three songs, “Never Fight A Man With A Perm,” “Mercedes Marxist” and “I’m Scum.”

Watch IDLES’ Tiny Desk Performance on NPR Music below.