Watch: Indie pop outfit Paupière release hazy video for new track ‘COEUR MONARQUE’

'Sade Sati' is set for release on May 7

While gearing up for the release of their forthcoming album, Sade Sati, on May 7th, Montreal indie pop outfit Paupière have shared a hazy video for their new single, “COEUR MONARQUE.”

The upbeat new track comes packed with dreamy synths and catchy vocals that are sure to get you dancing. The accompanying one-shot style video comes packed with dark, gloomy shots of Paupière’s Julia Daigle getting ready to leave her apartment on loop.

“Working with Paupière has been a very collaborative process and a real joy,” director Kevan Funk explains. “We both really liked this idea of being caught in this loop of arrested development, reliving this same routine over and over again. The thought was to focus on the cycle of this party lifestyle, in a way that strips out the attractive fantasy we often imagine and remind the audience instead of this monotonous and destructive treadmill that our lead character is on.”

Watch the video for “COEUR MONARQUE” below.