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Watch: Indigenous, Queer artist Jayli Wolf shares chilling short film for ‘Child of the Government’

Indienous, Queer artist Jayli Wolf has shared a stunning short film for her new track, “Child of the Government.”

The short film, which was written, directed, and produced by Wolf, captures her father’s experience during the Sixties Scoop. Exploring themes of justice and rebirth, the powerful black-and-white video looks at when the Canadian Government and Catholic Church took, or “scooped,” over 20,000 First Nation, Métis, and Inuit children from their families and communities in the 1950s all the way through to the ’90s. The children were often placed in foster homes or adopted into non-Indigenous families across the continent, and sometimes even further.

“All the children that were misplaced can never get back what was stolen from them,” Wolf explains. “Survivors try their best. My dad and I are lucky because we were able to find our way back home to our blood family, to our community, to each other even. But that’s not the story for everyone. Some kids were sold to the USA, or even as far as Australia. Some survivors have since learned that their biological families have passed – those ties are broken forever. I am lucky that I found my way back home, but now the work starts. Now the reclamation begins for me.”

Watch the video for “Child Of The Government” below.

Wolf, who is newly embarking as a solo artist, is set to explore her past, present, and future on her forthcoming EP, focusing on her Indigenous history and her bisexuality.

“I finally have the courage to use my voice to tell these stories,” Wolf explains. I hope this project will be able to shed light on and raise awareness of these subject matters. We can forgive for our own healing. The road ahead is long, and change takes time.”

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