Watch: J Mascis’ Hilarious “Every Morning” Music Video

Watch Fred Armisen take over J Mascis' cult in "Every Morning"

They say not to put all your eggs in one basket, and we’re telling you that you should probably sit your basket down before you watch this video.

J Mascis’ upcoming album Tied To A Star has been getting loads of attention lately and rightfully so. His first single “Every Morning” came to us earlier this summer, and Funny or Die has taken to help create its music video.

Mascis stars as cult leader “Space Angel”, leading his hippie group through an egg hunt, savouring that “good morning” feeling. The gang sits around drinking some special juice (only in small doses) carrying around their magic eggs. Everything is great until it isn’t. Portlandia star Fred Armisen makes an appearance in nearly every scene, plotting to take over the cult. To see what happens, well, just watch below.