Watch: Jeff Tweedy talks about when P. Diddy thought he was a Grammys usher, performs ‘Gwendolyn’

A hilarious interview and amazing performance of his 'Love Is King' track

Wilco’s Jeff Tweedy took to Late Night with Seth Meyers where he not only performed “Gwendolyn,” but he also told a hilarious story about when P. Diddy thought he was a Grammys usher.

“I was with a big group of people; all the Wilco guys, wives and girlfriends. Somehow I ended up standing outside one of the bathrooms at the Staples Center, holding everyone’s Grammy program,” Tweedy explains. “And P. Diddy walked up to me, and he thought I was an usher handing out programs. He taps the programs I was holding with a cane and said, ‘give me one of those.'”

During the performance of his Love Is King track “Gwendolyn,” Tweedy performed remotely with his band, as his son, Spencer Tweedy, played the drums.

Watch the interview and performance in full below.