Watch: Joe Keery will kill for clout in trailer for new indie horror film ‘Spree’

It's definitely not Steve Harrington

Stranger Things star Joe Keery is set to play a deranged rideshare driver on the hunt for victims so he can ostensibly kill for “likes.”

Judging by the trailer, Spree deploys a found footage-style of filmmaking, centring around “Kurt” (Keery) who is desperate to go viral. Check out the first look below.

A description for the film reads as follows:

“Meet Kurt from @kurtsworld96. He’s about to take you on the ride of your life! Tune in and buckle up August 14th for a satirical horror film that takes down Influencer culture, social media madness and our violent society!”

Spree will be available on VOD come August 14th via RLJE Films.