Watch: Joseph Carré shares rotoscopic animated clip for new track ‘Les Fantômes’

The new video feels reminiscent of old animated shows like 'Scooby-Doo'

Joseph Carré has shared a video for his new track “Les Fantômes” alongside a B-Side called “Magique, Hypnotique.”

“Writing ‘Les Fantômes’ was a weird experience,” Carré explains. “A result of being a bit overwhelmed by some not so pleasant encounters and feeling left out without answers led me to express this haunting piece of music. The only feedback I could find was my own and it felt like a natural feeling of shared disappointment. Either way, I wanted to dance with the ghosts, but I guess I’ll never see them dance, and anyway, they wouldn’t understand.”

“Les Fantômes” truly feels like dancing with ghosts, with disco-inspired, yet haunting instrumentals and driven, powerfully punching vocals. The accompanying rotoscopic animated video was created with director and artist Philippe Beauséjour, and it serves as a not to old animated Hanna-Barbera and Marvel shows like Scooby-Doo and Spiderman.

Watch the video for “Les Fantômes” below.

“Images and ideas were pretty vivid for this clip and I tried to capture all the colors relevant to its understanding,” Carré continues. “I then shared it with a brilliant animation director and friend, Philippe Beauséjour, who proceeded to elaborate on what I’ve previously verbalized. It’s fun and colorful and establishes the future environment in which this project will thrive.”

“Magique, Hypnotique” is an equally stunning track, made out of a simple piano melody he kept revisiting over years before building it into an explosive dance-worthy anthem.

Listen to “Magique, Hypnotique” below.