Watch: Julia Roberts revisits her dark past in cryptic new ‘Homecoming’ trailer

The show premieres November 2 on Amazon

In the new trailer for Homecoming, an Amazon drama from the creator of Mr. Robot, we see Julia Roberts as a former caseworker who is forced to revisit her dark past when she worked with returning soldiers getting integrated back into everyday life.

“Homecoming is a safe space for you to process your military experience and think about what comes next,” Heidi Bergman (Roberts) says ominously over jarring shots in the trailer.

Watch the trailer below.

After Bergman starts a new life where she returns home with her mother and works as a waitress, an auditor begins to question why she left the Geist Group facility called Homecoming, where they aim to help soldiers reintegrate as everyday civilians, making her realize that perhaps there is more to the story than she’s been telling herself.