Watch: Julia Stone shares video for new Matt Berninger collaboration ‘We All Have’

Her first solo album in eight years is set for release in April

Julia Stone is gearing up for the release of her first solo album in eight years, Sixty Summers, and today she’s teased the collection with a video for her new Matt Berninger collaboration, “We All Have.”

“This song is about how everything transforms and moves; even though you feel so shitty at one point, it might shift into something new,” Stone explains. “Love is all that we really need to be here for – not love with someone else but love in your heart.”

The accompanying Gabriel Gasparinatos-directed video stars his cousin Jesse, who is a second-generation abalone diver in a town in Tasmania. The clip was shot last year over a week on Jesse’s fishing boat.

Watch the video for “We All Have” below.

Sixty Summers is set for release on April 16th.