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Watch: Julian Casablancas forgets the words to ‘Under Pressure’ while performing with Danielle Haim

Julian Casablancas was playing a secret show with The Voidz over the weekend where he performed a cover of Queen and David Bowie’s “Under Pressure” with Danielle Haim, when he forgot the words.

The show was mostly put on for family and friends in Los Angeles at the HVW8 Art + Design Gallery, as Haim sang the Freddie Mercury lines, reading the lryics from her phone, and Casablancas sang Bowie’s Melody. “You guys can actually sing along, I mean probably everyone knows it better than I do,” Casablancas prefaces.

Watch Casablancas attempt to perform “Under Pressure” with Danielle Haim below.

Lead photo courtesy of Chelsea Brimstin.

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