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Watch: Julien Baker delivers powerful performance of ‘Hardline’ on ‘Seth Meyers’

Following the release of Little Oblivions last week, Julien Baker took to Late Night with Seth Meyers to deliver a powerful performance of her post-rock track, “Hardline.”

Baker’s slow-building performance stays pretty true to the original, as it slowly moves into an explosive, captivating anthem, as Baker delivers absolutely heartwrenching lyrics like, “You say it’s not so cut and dry/ It isn’t black and white/ What if it’s all black baby, all the time?”

In quintessential Baker fashion, this devastating performance is sure to get you emotional, as she offers up some full electric guitar lines alongside her backing band, delivering explosive moments of emotional soundscapes and pulling back for some melancholic vocal lines.

Watch Baker’s performance of “Hardline” below.

Baker’s recently released Little Oblivions stays true to the devastating, introspective lyricism of 2015’s Sprained Ankle and 2017’s Turn Out the Lights, while Baker explores new sonic textures by layering bass, drums, synthesizers, banjo, and mandolin atop her usual guitar and piano lines.

Learn more about the album below.

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