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Watch: Julien Baker delivers powerful vocals on new track ‘Mercy’

Last night, Julien Baker performed a 17-minute livestream from her home as part of Lunch Without Borders, a livestream for Idol-Aid.

Baker’s living room set saw her debuting a new track called “Mercy” in addition to a cover of Big Star’s “Thirteen,” and performances of her own tracks “Red Door” and “Distant Solar Systems.”

While introducing the soft, devastating track “Mercy,” Baker explained, “It’s a new one. It’s not newly written, but it’s not on a record or anywhere. And it’s a song about other people showing you how to be a better person by being better people than you, at you, which requires a lot of humility, which is an important and necessary lesson, and probably one of many that we’re all learning.”

Watch Baker’s performance of “Mercy” below.

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