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Watch: July Talk Live in the Stiegl Hidden Studio

Before recording their much anticipated follow-up to their 2012 self-titled debut album, July Talk knew they had to do something different. Over the past few years the band has established a well-earned reputation for having one of the most entertaining, dramatic, and weirdest live shows around. On their latest release Touch the band aimed to capture all the strangeness that arises from the spontaneity and energy of their live shows. To do that, instead of relying on studio tricks, they began recording almost all the tracks live off the floor.

And now they’ve brought two of those songs to the Stiegl Hidden Studio. Performing “Beck + Call” and “Push + Pull”, the band played as if they were at a sweaty nightclub on Saturday night. If you’ve never seen July Talk do what they do best, or simply need a reminder as to why their live show is just so fun, watch their Stiegl Hidden Studio Session in the player above.

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