Watch: Kacey Musgraves shames crowd at Coachella who didn’t follow her ‘Yeehaw’ chant properly

"When I say 'yee' you say 'haw!'"

Kacey Musgraves had an epic moment in the middle of her Coachella set this weekend when she asked the crowd to join her in a “Yeehaw” chant, but they couldn’t do it properly.

On Friday, April 12th, Musgraves took to the stage with a set of her Golden Hour tracks, when she decided to bring some classic call-and-response participation to her California audience. “When I say ‘yee,’ you say ‘haw,'” Musgraves shouted to the crowd, which they excitedly did two times. On the third time, the crowd was overeager, and began the chant without Musgraves, to which she shouted, “I didn’t say fucking ‘yee!'”

Watch Kacey Musgraves shame an entire crowd below.