Watch: Kandle shares intimate video for new track ‘Misty Morning’

'Set The Fire' is set for release this summer

While gearing up to release Set The Fire this summer, Kandle Osborne has shared a stunning video for her new track, “Misty Morning.”

The vulnerable new tune sees Kandle openly reflecting on finding love with captivating vocals and a sparse, yet powerful piano line. The accompanying Brandon William Fletcher-directed video is inspired by 40s noir, with intimate black-and-white shots of Kandle singing along to “Misty Morning.”

“‘Misty Morning’ is my first real love song, captured on a napkin while in Ischia, Italy when I was truly happy,” Kandle explains. “My songwriting usually comes from a place of turmoil and catharsis, but this was simply a snapshot of a perfect, vulnerable moment. In recording it, I wanted to hide behind lush orchestration, but my producer/best friend, Michael Rendall, had other ideas. He wanted to strip it down to just piano & a single vocal to take me out of my comfort zone and recapture the open-hearted feelings I had while writing it. The song and the recording both hold for me a time when I dropped my guard for pure authentic love in spite of all my flaws and failures. In that moment, I felt my true value as a whole person for the first time.”

Watch the video for “Misty Morning” below.

Lead photo courtesy of Tess Ananda.