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Watch: Kevin Drew’s Music Video Casting Call

Ever wanted to star in a music video? If you’re up for the challenge, this could be your chance. Broken Social Scene leader Kevin Drew is currently seeking couples to star in his upcoming music video.

Kevin stopped by recently and talked with Raina about what he’s looking to accomplish with this project, and how a recently rekindled love for Toronto helped inspire it.

From Arts & Crafts:

The video will be a visual documentary composed of artful photography featuring diverse couples of various ages (25+) and orientations engaged in passionate and intimate sexual moments. These images will be captured one couple at a time then intercut to create a visual montage that conceptualizes the sensuality of the song.

Please email a short description of what love and lust mean to you and a photo of you and your partner to kevindrewvideo@gmail.com. Casting will take place downtown Toronto on December 20, 2013 and you must be available to film in the city January 9 & 10, 2014.

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