Watch: Kevin Morby, Hamilton Leithauser cover each other’s songs

The two will be co-headlining a US tour this year

On Monday (May 17), Hamilton Leithauser posted a video clip of Kevin Morby singing Leithauser’s song “A 1000 times.” The clip sees Morby laying in a bed with blankets pulled over him and an acoustic guitar in hands.

The same day, Morby shared a video of Leithauser and his family in a grassy field covering Morby’s song “Come to Me Now”.

One minute into the video with the song still playing, it switches to scrolling text where Leithauser writes, “This was the first song of Kevin’s I’d ever heard,” continuing, “I wanted to do it proper justice.”

Watch the two covers below.

Yesterday (May 18th), the pair announced that they will be co-headlining a “Fall Mixer” across the US.

Morby wrote on his Instagram, “We will be sharing a band! We will be sharing the stage! I will be playing new songs. Old songs. Other peoples songs. See you there! Let us dance, laugh, cry and sing sing sing!”