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Watch: Kid Music FAILS!!! with Bossie and Tokyo Police Club’s Graham Wright

Toronto artist Bossie, along with Tokyo Police Club’s Graham Wright are making a television show (for the internet) about a pair of indie musicians who, fed up with the endless toil of “paying their dues”, decide to foray into the fanciful, fantastic (and totally fictional) world of kids’ entertainment.

Here’s some of the first footage from IGGY & OLLIE – a compilation video of some of our heroes’ competition in the field of children’s music, as they colourfully try (and fail) to “edu-tain” the next generation! Featuring our own afternoon host Raina Douris as a creepy, hypnotic cult member.

As described by the writers, the show follows “A puppeteer wizard, a psychologically damaged robot, a dumpster diving folkster, and thinly veiled cult recruiters all try to teach and entertain kids through song – and they all fail miserably.”


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