Watch: Kim Gordon’s daughter Coco Gordon-Moore stars in new video for ‘Hungry Baby’

A new video for Gordon's 'No Home Record' track

Over a year after the release of her debut solo album No Home Record, Kim Gordon has shared a new music video for the album’s track, “Hungry Baby.”

The video, which was directed by Clara Balzary, stars Coco Gordon-Moore, Gordon’s daughter with her ex-husband/Sonic Youth bandmate Thurston Moore. The clip sees Gordon-Moore wearing a red retail vest, scraping gum off of the side of a store until a man pulls up in a car, shouting “Hey! Are you hungry baby?” The man then throws a milkshake on the ground and drives away.

“I came up with the idea for the video after listening to ‘Hungry Baby’ on a 2020 angst fueled walk around my suburban neighborhood,” Balzary explains of the video. “Coco is an amazing performer, and loved her as this character with such a raging internal world set against that quiet + empty backdrop of the parking lot. I’m so grateful to Kim for being so supportive and open to the idea. She is such a role model as someone for whom an art practice always comes before worries about ego or branding. The talented Sadie Wilking worked with Coco on choreography, and we couldn’t have done any of it without the legendary cinematographer and friend, Christopher Blauvelt, who is always so generous with his craft.”

Watch the video for “Hungry Baby” below.

Gordon makes a cameo in the clip, exiting the shop while telling Gordon-Moore, “Cleanup on aisle nine.” While the track may have been released back in 2019, but the lyrics are even more resonant now, with lines like, “2020 is the blow.”

Last year, Gordon also released the song “Silver” as part of the soundtrack for The Turning, and following her split with Moore, she released her memoir Girl in a Band back in 2015.
Lead photo courtesy of Natalia Mantini.