Watch: King Princess Releases Video For ‘Cheap Queen’

She's also released a new interlude called 'Useless Phrases

King Princess released the music video to her new hit single “Cheap Queen,” and it’s super fun and quirky.

Directed by Symone Ridgell, the video begins with the up-and-coming star singing to a cartoon sandwich before eating it and then cuts to her sitting on a giant couch watching television. King Princess watches 90’s style videos on the cartoonish TV while matching her actions in the video with her lyrics; this can be seen during “I’ve been alright/ I’ve just been doing the same shit I’ve always liked/ Like smoking and movies and homies who bring me wine”.

King Princess has also released a new interlude called “Useless Phrases,” which can be heard at the beginning of the music video for “Cheap Queen”

Check out the video and interlude below!