Watch: Kurt Vile brings his country rock to Tiny Desk

He played 'Bassackwards,' 'Loading Zones,' and 'Peeping Tomboy'

Slack country rock-style singer-guitarist Kurt Vile took to the stage at NPR’s Tiny Desk where he gently finger-picked his acoustic guitar, monotonously crooning the words to “Bassackwards,” “Loading Zones,” and “Peeping Tomboy.”

His long, scruffy hair hangs in his face as the ebb and flow of his quirky vocal lines control the track. For the performance, Vile trimmed down the nine-ish minute track “Bassackwards” to a digestible six minutes before he led into the other two tunes. During “Peeping Tomboy,” Vile performed with a harmonica around his neck, adding another layer of endearing classic country to his meandering rock tracks.

Watch Kurt Vile’s full Tiny Desk concert below.