Watch: Kurt Vile Covers Tom Petty’s ‘Learning to Fly,’ Performs ‘Bassackwards’

His new album 'Bottle It In' comes out on October 12

To promote his new album Bottle It In, which comes out in two days, Kurt Vile went to SiriusXM to perform “Bassackwards” and a cover of Tom Petty’s “Learning To Fly.”

Vile’s rendition of “Learning To Fly” doesn’t stray too far from Petty’s original 1991 hit track. The intimate and heartwarmingly acoustic tune fits the quirky ebb and fade of Vile’s voice perfectly. In Vile’s live performance of “Bassackwards,” his voice constantly cracks, jumping up and down octaves in an endearing, old school country rock way.

Watch the live tunes below.