Watch: Kurt Vile retreats for a weekend of solace in new documentary ‘(bottle back)’

He was preparing for the release of 'Bottle It In' and rehearsing for tour

Matador Records has released a mini-documentary called (bottle back), which follows Kurt Vile on a retreat to the Catskills in Upstate New York, where he prepared for the release of 2018’s Bottle It In and rehearsed for his tour.

The intimate clip follows Vile as he lived in a 20-bedroom Victorian estate called Big Indian Springs for a weekend of solace, performing songs like “Bassackwards” on a rainy porch, “Baby’s Arms” with the Sadies, and “Check Baby” with the Violators.

“We’re definitely still rusty, but rusty is good,” Vile explains in the documentary. “There’s a fine line between rusty and slick, and you can be too much of either one.”

Watch (bottle back) below.